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I'm not a religious man

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I am not a man of faith - I need proof to believe something and I've not seen any to support the presence of God, or Gods, or life after death.

I don't discount it, I don't disbelieve it, I just don't believe it. Colour me a neutral grey. That colour is popular at home, but over here many people seem to mistake it for the colour of dirt.

Lately however, I've wondered if there is a larger pattern. It feels like I can almost see the edges of it, but can no more look into its heart than I can the heart of the sun.

I truly wonder if what seems to be random on a small scale isn't the most intricate details of a much larger image far too big for us to see - if the chaos isn't all just the misunderstood finer points of some grander order.

Maybe we're all just little dolls dancing on the surface of an infinite clockwork music box, to a tune we can neither hear, nor comprehend. Maybe we only have the illusion of free will, where in actuality we're destined to dance the same dance over and over again with no variation for eternity. Actors who can't see the audience, puppets who can't see their strings, characters in a novel who can't see their ink and paper prisons.

Maybe that pattern is god -or maybe that pattern just god's vast and abstract imagination - and our existence just figments of it.

Bill Hicks was right about absolutely everything. Maybe it's all a ride. Maybe we should all just enjoy the ride whilst it lasts.

Maybe not though. I'm not saying I believe it.
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On 10th July 2009 17:06 (UTC), alicemeichi commented:
I think maybe sometimes your definition of "believe" is a little too narrow. To "believe" something implies having faith in something. And faith doesn't have to be supported by hard, empirical evidence.
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On 10th July 2009 17:37 (UTC), benchilada commented:
I believe in the power of concepts and ideas and their ability to shape the world and the people around us.

I believe that religion and spirituality can be used to achieve / enhance those effects, but that they're not necessary.

That's about it...
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